• Lauren

You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be.

When I was in my Freshman year of college at the ripe old age of 19, I was told that I had to pick a major. And that this major would decide what I'd be eligible to do as a career once I graduated. No on-the-job experience, no trial runs - just pick a major, and then that is what you'll do. Forever.

Since not 3 months earlier, I had to request a hall pass from my teachers to go to the bathroom, this seemed like a crazy amount of pressure to put on a young kid!

My major-selection process went something like this:

- "I love animals and have always wanted to be a veterinarian... But, no, that would be too sad."

- "OK...let's think. Something medical. Doctors make a decent wage, right? I did pretty well chemistry class and I really like popping zits, so I will be a dermatologist! Pre-med is my major."

****Fast forward to the end of one full semester of pre-med classes****

- "Well, that wasn't very fun. I did alright, but this is really taking up a large amount of my social time, and I want to join a sorority! I need to change majors."

- "Maybe business? Can't go wrong there. Hospitality sounds interesting - I worked as a receptionist at a day spa in high school and enjoyed it. And there's a wine and culture class? Fun! Sign me up."

This time, I stuck with my major and graduated with a degree in Hospitality Administration. I then learned very quickly that majoring in Business Management in no way prepares you for actually managing a business. And there's no wine and culture class to relieve you from your 9-5. (Or, in hospitality land, 8-8.)

I spent the next 10 years in the workforce trying to find my passion, and what it was that I REALLY wanted to be when I grew up. I went from hospitality, to retail, to working in a vet clinic. Turns out, 19-year-old me should have trusted my gut - working with animals and awesome people who love animals is one of the most fantastic jobs on earth.

I now work as a virtual assistant at home part-time, am a full-time mother, and also a part-time veterinary nurse. And it's absolutely perfect. Starting my own business has been empowering. Becoming a mother has been life-changing. Being a veterinary nurse as been confidence-boosting and makes me feel like I have real super-awesome life skills (Catheterising a rabbit? Grooming a cat under GA? Discussing in-depth the life cycle of a flea? All in a day's work!) And all three of these things challenge me in the best way possible.

So to anyone out there feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or like they aren't on the right path for them...my advice is to go make a dream board, do a bit of googling, and find your passion. It's so worth it.

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